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Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre Tech Prep Career Education program should be considered if a student is creative, likes projects, wants to use their hands, is into technology like audio, video, computers and automation, and desires to broaden their learning experiences.

“Theatre” is in the name, but we do so much more! First, this is NOT a performance program. We concentrate on skills and technologies found backstage and behind the scenes. What we learn is beneficial to:

  • Creativity based careers such as design and architecture
  • Engineering; electrical, mechanical, and automation
  • Project based careers involving management and leadership

Our program introduces students to many areas. You will receive instruction on general topics and can choose to concentrate on one that really interests you.

  • Design and Computer Drafting
  • Lighting and Electrical Components
  • Audio and Video production and engineering
  • Scenic Construction and Carpentry
  • Costume/Wardrobe/Clothing Design and Construction
  • Painting and Prop Construction/Creative Uses of Materials

Many important life skills are taught in a hands-on, project based, exciting environment. Even if a program graduate do not choose to pursue a theatre based career, the skills they learn in the program prepares them well for post high school experiences.

  • Time Management: Our deadlines are hard and fast; we just can’t add a few more days.
  • Project Management: Class projects range from individual elements to large, complicated productions, all managed by students.
  • People Skills: Students must interact with other students and outside groups when working on class projects. Oral and written communication is a large part of what we do.
  • Problem Solving: We teach students the skills and apply them to real world examples and experiences. We do not give them all the steps to a solution. They are forced to be creative and think for themselves.
  • Leadership: Students will be in charge of others for projects. They will be responsible for events where decisions will have to be made in high pressure situations

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