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Biotechnology is the science of using living organisms and their parts to produce a new product or solve a problem.

Examples of biotechnology include making foods like cheese and wine, making drugs like insulin, producing more healthy food crops, and using DNA to solve a crime. Biotechnology courses are being highly promoted all over the country to address an increased demand for trained workers in this area. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Report, the demand for skilled workers in the biological sciences is expected to grow “faster than the average” over the next 10 years.

Over the course of two years in the program, students learn many concepts and skills important to working in a biotechnology lab. During the junior year, students are introduced to the biotech industry and begin extracting, analyzing, and copying both DNA and proteins using standard lab operating procedures. In addition, students conduct genetic experiments on fruit flies, learn to safely grow and handle bacterial cultures, and synthesize novel proteins. Senior year activities are similar, but coursework in human anatomy and physiology is introduced as well.

Biotechnology is a hands-on, project-based learning program where students have many opportunities to perform scientific experiments and learn first-hand how living organisms are used to impact the world around us. If you enjoy learning about biology, doing labs and are interested in possibly pursuing a college degree or career in the life sciences, biotechnology may be right for you!

Program Overview

  • Learn valuable lab skills through hands-on projects.
  • Earn up to five college credits and a $3,000 Tech Prep scholarship from Sinclair Community College.
  • Work in a small group setting with other students who share your interest.
  • Visit lab science companies around the Dayton area and beyond.


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